A Twisted Circus 2.0

1st of 3 A Twisted Circus events this year. Kicking off with a huge lineup and one off special at La Belle Angele ! Balkan/Ska/Turbofolk/World Music/Dark Cabaret and more with the only Edinburgh date of the year for The Langan Band & Gypsy Hill, On the same lineup. As well as two of our favourite local acts The Violent Mood Swings and a rather dashing Bastard. DJ’s, Circus performance, Face & Body painting, Dancing and Debauchery. Full details below.

Gypsy Hill (London- Batov Records)

Old Yemenis chewing Khat with Romanian horn players at a South London rave!

Gypsy Hill play an intoxicating mix of Balkan brass, Mediterranean surf rock, ska & swing. Gypsy Hill effortlessly mix the traditional with a uniquely
modern sound.

The Langan Band

The Violent Mood Swings

Alternative/Dark/Gypsy/Circus/Dirty Rootsy Blues

A Rather Dashing Bastard- mysanthropic murder tango

DJ Nuno Endo -Our original resident-Balkan-Swing-Electro-Goodness

Kasia Zawadka (The Fuel Girls, Torture Garden)

Aerial Self Supension Rope Bondage performance and pyro show